Brandon Sax and Brant Roscoe joined forces in January 2001. Having already worked on multiple projects together, each recognized in the other a devotion to craftsmanship and quality, as well as an obsession with customer service. They decided to put their skills together to undertake new home and commercial projects, as well as renovations on existing homes and buildings.

The company began working with additions and renovations, before moving into custom homebuilding. Though new homes keep them busy, Brandon and Brant still do large and small remodels and additions, trying to remember their beginnings and adhere to the the motto that no job is too small to do well, and no detail of any job is too small for their total attention.

Brandon Sax and Brant Roscoe collaborate in all phases of their projects. They work with the owners to create a fair and accurate bid, then maintain constant communication with both their crew and the project owners to keep things running smoothly from the beginning to the end. The ultimate goal of Sax & Roscoe’s workmanship and attention to detail is to keep clients excited about their projects throughout the building process, and for years to come as they enjoy their homes.